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Repair & Maintenance

From your summer raids to your lake Powell trips, we help your adventures year round!

From Upgrades to Repairs, We Got You Covered


No matter what you need, you can set an appointment to ensure that you get the maintenance you need.


Kepping things in good repair is essential to making the most out of any boat, ATV, RV, or off roading machiene. From oil changes to vehicle upgrades, we can take care of your needs.


When the end of the season arives and it is time to prepair your boat or RV for the cold months ahead, we can help you take care of the winterization so you can be confident that it will be ready and operable by the time the next summer season arives!


Marina Cove works with Skol Motorworks, a expert service company that will be able to take care of every need your boat, RV, ATV, or fun off road vehicle you have. 

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