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Great Tips for Using Self Storage Units

This weeks self storage advice comes to you from Apartment Therapy When dealing with storage, there are definitely good things to keep in mind that will keep your items safe and cause you less frustration when it comes time to access what you have stored. 8 great tips and tricks to make your self storage experience better. 1.…
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How to Tie up in a Slip

Boating Tips for better safer fun!

How to Protect the Gel-Coat on Your New Boat

That shinny surface on your new ski boat is called gel-coat. It is a compound that makes a high-quality finish on the top of the fiberglass. Gel-coating makes for a smooth and durable finish, strengthens the hull and protects it from water intrusion and ultraviolet light. But the gel-coat is prone to dings, gouges, scratches…
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How to Protect Your Boat During The Utah Winters

AMERICAN FORK, Utah – The high altitude in Utah combined with all the minerals in the water and the freezing temperatures can damage boats stored during the winter months unless owners take action to protect them. The newer ski, wake, and surfboats cost well over $100,000.00 and most owners want them to last beyond the…
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